Ken. To be destroyed

2013 - 2015

In 2011 my siblings and I inherited a family archive of letters, photographs and papers from our mother, Audrey Davidmann. This archive tells the story of Ken and Hazel, my uncle and aunt, and how it emerged early on in their marriage, in 1958, that Ken was transgender.

The title for the project was taken from my mother’s writing on one of the envelopes in the archive. In response to the archive I made new photographs using analogue, alternative and digital processes. These included making digital negatives, wet collodion prints, chemigrams, van dyke prints, hand colouring and painting.

In 2016 Ken. To be destroyed will be published by Schilt Publishing, edited by photographic historian and curator Val Williams. The project will be exhibited at the Schwules Museum Berlin, March – June 2016, co-curated by Val Williams and Robin Silas Christian.