Robert and me, me and Robert


I took photographs with Robert over a four-year period. In this series Robert and myself change places. Around this time, much of my photography involved taking pictures of naked people while I was clothed. I was aware that the person who was naked was revealing himself or herself to me and to the camera, and making themselves vulnerable in the process. Whereas I remained clothed and in a position of power which was re-enforced by being behind the camera.

In talking about working together Robert had said: “I’m looking at you as much as you’re looking at me.” This led me to develop this series, and from this point on I regularly took part in the work alongside the subjects.

C-type colour photographs.

Right Bodies Wrong Bodies


This photograph depicts Robert and myself. Robert’s body has had hot wax dripped on it in order to write ‘x’s and one ‘y’ on his skin, as a way of representing x and y chromosomes.

In society Robert’s transsexual body is construed to be ‘wrong’. Robert was assigned female at birth, his biological sex was female, and following this there is the assumption that his gender would also be female. However, Robert identifies as neither female nor male and his body reflects this. In contrast to Robert’s body, my body as someone assigned female at birth is considered to be ‘right’. Robert’s body may at first appear unusual because most people are not used to seeing bodies that are outside the polarities of female and male. However, Robert’s body is ‘right’ for him.

C-type colour photograph, 100cm x 125cm.